Life-Giving Leadership: A Woman’s Toolbox for Leading

Life-Giving Leadership: A Woman’s Toolbox for Leading

Genre: Christian Living
Publisher: Leafwood Press
Publication Year: Coming April 12, 2016
Length: 172 pages
ASIN: 0891123415
ISBN: 9780891123415

Every year, women walk away from the local church because of relational challenges with other women. In Life-Giving Leadership, leaders are given the tools to create life-giving environments where women can grow in their journeys as Christ-followers, flourish in leadership within the local church, and have healthy relationships with other women.

About the Book

As women called to lead in the local church, we must first lead ourselves to wholeness and strength. Julia comes alongside you, giving you the tools to become emotionally and spiritually healthy so you can provide life-giving leadership to women in your communities, your ministries, and your world.

A strange dichotomy is occurring in the American church. Never before have women been so key to helping churches grow and mature. At the same time, fifty thousand women per year are leaving the church. The purpose of this book is to provide women who are leading a team in ministry, church, or in a Christian non-profit the strategies necessary to develop life-giving atmospheres where women will be equipped to live out their God-given passions to affect change in their families, communities, and, ultimately, the world. This book will help redefine women’s ministry and equip women who are actively involved in making a difference in the lives of others.

Table of Contents:

Foreword (by KerriWeems)
1 – The Life-Giving Difference
2 – Characteristics of Life-Giving Leaders
3 – Hindrances to Becoming Life-Giving
4 – Keys to Overcoming Hindrances
5 – Strategies of Life-Giving Leaders
6 – Life-Giving Leaders Drink from Living Water
7 – Life-Giving Leaders Trust He Is Infinitely More
8 – Navigating the Male-Dominated Church World
9 – Life-Giving Relationships between Women
About the Author


Five Reasons to Buy My Book

  1. I will help you develop healthy environments in the local church where women will flourish and want to lead.
  2. I will help you keep yourself emotionally and spiritually healthy as you lead.
  3. I will help you create healthy leadership teams.
  4. I will help you develop healthy relationships with the women you lead.
  5. I will help you choose emotionally and spiritually healthy women for your ministry teams.


What Others Are Saying

“In Life-Giving Leadership, Julia draws up on her own story as well as the many years of practice as a mental health therapist and experience as the Small Groups’pastor in her church. Her journey has endowed her with a treasure trove of knowledge and understanding, solid insight, and practical application. But most importantly, perhaps, these experiences have gifted her with an undeniable empathy and compassion for those who labor under the weight of hurt and confusion. This pain is magnified when people come to church to find hope, but find judgment and rejection instead.

It is a tragedy that such an experience has come to characterize the stereotypical portrayal of the church. Unfortunately, such a caricature continues to be perpetuated because all too often the church is unequipped to handle the timid overtures of those who tip toe through her doors looking for refuge. That is why Life-Giving Leadership is a necessary book.”

—Kerri Weems, Author of Rhythms of Grace

“I’m thrilled that Julia Mateer, who has already impacted so many women with her refreshing counsel and leadership, has now given us her written tool, so that many more can be inspired. She is an invaluable resource for women of all ages who want not just an inspiring woman, but a real woman who can also help point them to the answers to their deepest needs and fears. Julia brings that and a whole lot more to the table in her incredible Life-Giving Leadership, including her evocative literary gifting, her knowledge of Scripture, and her inspirational ideas that will undoubtedly help others to follow suit.”

—Christa Hardin, Owner and Director of Reflections Counseling Center, Sarasota & Bradenton, FL

“Julia Mateer’s book, Life-Giving Leadership, comes from a place of experience and authenticity. As a regular contributor for the National Association of Christian Women Leaders, Julia always brings ideas to our team that are grounded in Scripture, tested through life experiences, and truly life-giving to everyone present. The wisdom she shares in her book is what makes her so invaluable to our team and what makes this book an invaluable read for any woman seeking to lead others with the love and grace of Jesus Christ. As books for Christian women seeking to lead begin to increase in number, this one will be a book that you will keep on your shelf and return to again and again.”

—Karen Zeigler, author, speaker, and Founder of National Association of Christian Women Leaders

“What a great book full of insight and inspiring stories on how to become a life-giving leader. Julia will fuel a passionate desire in your heart to become the leader God has called you to be.”

—Kim Anderson, Director of Women’s Weekends

“As a licensed mental health therapist and pastor, Julia Mateer very aptly demonstrates through personal and practical perspective how life events can hinder us from reaching our full potential as leaders. She will keep you engaged from beginning to end as she guides you through overcoming those hindrances in order to develop a life-giving character that will minister to others.”

—Marsha Champion, Missions Coordinator

“This book, full of wisdom and practical insight, is a valuable resource for women on how to lead with life-giving leadership! Julia serves God’s church as an incredible example of someone who leads by relationship with a life-giving leadership full of love for those God has placed around her!”

—Amy Bezet, wife of Pastor Randy Bezet, Bayside Community Church

“Julia Mateer has discovered the most important key to effective ministry among women. It’s not in our programs, but in who we are: people transformed by our relationship with Jesus. This book will guide you toward being a life-giving, emotionally healthy follower of Christ, empowered to minister through God’s love.”

—Amy Simpson, editor, Gifted for Leadership, author, Anxious: Choosing Faith in a World of Worry

“This information on life-giving leadership has transformed my thinking and revolutionized the way I look at leadership. Leadership is not a set of rules to follow, but a freeing, encouraging, and supporting of the people in our spheres of influence. Julia has encouraged me greatly in my walk with Christ and in my leadership role.”

Cheryl Moore, Women’s Ministry Leader

“Julia is such a great teacher about being life-giving because it’s who she is. She lives what she teaches every day. Julia writes about being a life-giving leader in such a way that makes it easy to understand and apply in your life.”

—Pastor Sean Callaghan, Bayside Community Church

“Julia’s writing compels and motivates me to become a more life-giving leader. I have implemented the principles I have learned from Julia into my ministry with women. I am confident her book will be an excellent resource for women seeking to lead with the life-changing nature of Christ.”

—Mary Reed, women’s ministry leader, counselor, and life coach, Chapel Presbyterian Church PCA

“Julia is life-giving to others by seeing the potential in others and speaks positive and encouraging words to build others up, as she teaches others to do the same, including myself.”

Lisa Misiewicz, Women’s Ministry Leader

“Julia is an incredible example of life-giving leadership. You can always count on Julia to listen more than she speaks, but when she speaks the words are always full of discernment, wisdom, and truth coupled with real-life encouragement that leaves you feeling a tangible inspiration of how to move forward. Her transparency is inspiring and her passion for the Lord is both relate-able and contagious for women of all ages.”

Jacqueline Zdrojowy, Awaken Church

“This insightful book is written by a wise and seasoned Christ-follower and leader. I admire Julia’s ability to give principles for women in leadership, flawlessly executing her role at Bayside Community Church as the small groups Director, and nurturing a beautiful family filled with vibrant, God-fearing children led by a Christ-centered husband. This only can come from a personal pursuit of, and deepening relationship with, God himself. As Julia so aptly stats in this book, ‘being a life-giving leader begins with being a life-giving person,’ and Julia is just that . . . a leader, yes, but more importantly, a life-giving person to all that know her. If you can’t know her personally as I do, know that these insights are more than just wisdom, they are the heart poured out on paper from a life well lived and they will change you for the better.”

—Ginelle Payne, Church Planter of Lifesong Church

“Julia’s book displays deep wisdom and a tender heart to see women come into their own and land where God has already designed a place for them. Her reference to ‘soul wounds’ resonates a clear understanding of why we behave and think the way we do. She shows how humility and accountability, dealing with our ego ‘off stage,’ eventually become a ‘platform’ to be the heart and hands of Jesus ‘on stage.’”

—Kamla Long, Director of Discovery Seminars

“Julia’s writing is a unique blend of inspiration and practical application. As I read her new book, Life-Giving Leadership, I thought of the many women it will encourage and validate! I especially related to her encounters with life-giving leaders and it challenged me to examine how I can be more intentional and life-giving!”

—Kristin Bonham, Women’s Ministry Director, Grace Family Church

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