tumblr_nej1t43C921teue7jo1_1280Why me? Why am I having difficulty as a parent?

So many of us during our parenting years have asked, and are still asking this same question—repeatedly. Here’s the answer: every mom has a story.

I thought it would be interesting to look at the greatest mother of all time; Mary, the mother of Jesus. Did you know she was a mom with a story? She had difficulties parenting too.

Here’s Mary’s story. A Jewish peasant girl, who out of nowhere, it seems, becomes the mother of the Son of God. How incredible! I bet she thought life couldn’t get any better. Can you hear her saying, “God has been so good to me. I have the most incredible life and incredible child! I’m most blessed among all mothers!” Come on, you know you’ve said those same words as you’ve embraced your children with love, gazed upon them as they sleep, and smiled while they played.

I have a story too. I’ve felt like Mary did. “How blessed am I among women! God has been gracious and most favorable towards me.” But then there’s been moments in my life where my story has taken a turn for the worst where parenting is concerned. There are some portions of my story that I’ve disliked. I would tell my husband, “I want this chapter of my story to end now. This doesn’t line up with who I am as a Christ-follower.”

I’m betting Mary said some of those same kinds of sentiments. “Lord, you told me I would birth Your Son. He would be the Savior of the world. But this ridicule piece of His life? People despising Him? Crucifixion?  Nope – this part of the story I absolutely do not like. My baby is going to be put to death to save mankind? A world where most won’t even care? They won’t even believe in Him? This is a torture I can’t possibly bear!”

I can hear Mary ask God: “Why would you give me THIS story?”

As I re-read the scriptures surrounding Mary’s life, I began to think about her story. I imagined God responding to Mary’s agonizing question. “Mary, your story is so that I, your God, might be glorified in you and through you!”

That’s it. I don’t know what your story is. But I’m betting there isn’t one mom who hasn’t experienced portions of your parenting story you wished weren’t true, whether it’s children who are making poor choices, who’ve turned away from God altogether, or children who’ve been sick or, sadly, who’ve died. Whatever it is, “Your story is My opportunity as your God to be glorified in you and through you when you know and have Jesus living on the inside of you.”

Mary saw her son, Jesus, born. She saw Him crucified. But too, she saw Him rise again.

Parenting can be tough, but you will rise again, as God is glorified through His Son, Jesus, residing in you.

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Ginelle Payne

Next to knowing Jesus deeply, doing life with her husband and three children are her greatest joy. ​She loves leading worship at Lifesong, eating peppermint ice cream, and laughing with whomever will laugh with her (at their expense OR hers - it doesn't matter).

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