Life can seem to be on track…you’re living life and everything seems to be going well until that “one day” happens. That day when what was right side up just got turned upside down. I’ve had quite a few of those over this last year.

In fact, as a result, insecurity began to rear its ugly head again. You see insecurity was a thread that I realized early on that ran deep in my family. I struggled for years to overcome feeling “less than”. But somehow circumstances can push those trigger buttons even years later.

Not again…
Recently, through some challenges, that button got pushed again for me. The emotions that surfaced brought back too many memories that I thought I had left behind. I found that little girl inside myself who felt unimportant begin again to live on the outside what I was feeling on the inside. I began acting and reacting as if I was less than again. The destiny and vision God called me to began to wane.

I realized I had somehow become emotionally and spiritually exhausted. My passion and excitement for life and ministry began to deafen as a result of the loudness of my insecure thoughts and actions.

Have you ever had those moments of reliving your past…unaware…then aware…feeling powerless to change anything…then something happens…you wake up and realize that that is not who you are anymore. The challenge is how to get back on track, and allow God to reposition you into the place He has for you.

Worship always does it…
As I began to weep, feel discouraged, powerless, alone and defeated, I fell on my knees in prayer. I listened to the song by Gateway Worship, We Bow Low, “…faces down to the ground in your Presence Lord. With our tears, we wash your feet. We bow low, we bow low falling on our knees…we bow low to the King of Kings.” Worship can put things in our lives back into perspective. For me, it drowns out all my cares and reminds me that no matter how small I feel, I serve a pretty amazing and powerful God.

One day after much prayer, I asked the Lord for a word…opened my email from Propel…here’s part of the message I read:

When our confidence is shaken at our core, we have to remember in whom we have our confidence—in whom we trust. We have to hold on to our confidence in God, trusting him to help us navigate in those moments of emotional challenge. We have to learn to not throw away our confidence as the writer of Hebrews encouraged us:

“Therefore, do not throw away your confidence, which has a great reward. For you have need of endurance, so that when you have done the will of God, you may receive what was promised” (Hebrews 10:35-36).

Challenges in our lives will never stop coming—at work or at home. So the solution is to always ensure God is bigger on the inside of us than the problem we’re facing externally. That way, we don’t throw away our confidence—and we boldly continue to move forward full of faith.

My New Day
“That One Day” that turned upside down changed into “My New Day” that was turned back to right side up. I realized I had thrown away my confidence. Satan was using my circumstances to steal from me. It was clear now. This great God of ours reminded me not to throw away my confidence…to stand…to endure…and that I would receive what was promised. I’m now walking by faith that what He promised, the vision and destiny He called me to will be accomplished in my life.

As you’re reading this blog, maybe there’s something you’re going through. Maybe you feel your happy life turned into that “one day” when discouragement came, or bad news or financial difficulties, or maybe it is struggling at home, in your marriage or at work. Maybe you feel you were created for more but issues and insecurities have kept it from you.

Your New Day
I’m here to tell you….Don’t throw away your confidence! Get on your knees, bow low, worship God and trust that with God all things are possible. You are valuable and precious and God has a great plan and purpose for your life…He has a new day for you! You CAN courageously move forward! (Jeremiah 29:11)

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