Hi Ladies! Want to know the most powerful leadership tool? Well, today, we’re going to find out! Today is the fifth session of a nine-session book study on Life-Giving Leadership: A Woman’s Toolbox for Leading, and we’re going to look at strategies of life-giving leaders. So, let’s begin!

This is one of my favorite chapters because it’s where we learn the nuts and bolts of life-giving leadership. Believing in a woman and helping her to develop her potential is one of the greatest opportunities for a life-giving leader. The MOST VALUABLE strategy at our disposal to help us cultivate the potential within the women we serve is our words. A life-giving leader knows the power of her words.

The most POWERFUL leadership tool we have is our words. James 3:6 says, “…and (the tongue) sets on fire the course of life…” The very existence of one’s life is set into motion by words. A young woman may not reach her full potential because her potential has not been “spoken to” by the people that matter most her parents. The message their words convey to their daughter may be, “You can’t do anything right. You are a bother to us. Why did we have you? You are one big mistake. You will never amount to anything.” The direction of her life could be much different if she hears encouragement like, “You are awesome! What a blessing you are to us. We are so proud of you. You can do all things through Christ who strengthens you. We are 100 percent for you.”

What a powerful opportunity we have as life-giving leaders to create an atmosphere of blessing with our words whether in our homes with our families, businesses with our employees and in our churches. Kevin Harney writes in his book, Leadership from the Inside Out, “Churches, where words of kindness and encouragement are plentiful, have the aroma of life. I have walked into congregations and felt the health and joy that exist because of their culture of blessing. The opposite is true. Congregations and staffs that are filled with criticism, backbiting, and gossip have the stench of death.”

A life-giving leader knows the importance of setting a guard over her mouth and watching the door of her lips (Psalm 141:3), choosing words that intentionally create an affirming environment. Instead of a culture of criticalness and negativity, a life-giving leader blesses with her words. Make your words life-giving, full of mercy and grace. Here are a few ideas to bless and affirm the people in your sphere of responsibility:

* Verbally praise your leaders in front of others

* Shout outs on Facebook and Twitter

* Instagrams of team meetings

* Handwritten notes of appreciation

* Gifts that are specific and unique to each individual.

Questions: Share a time when someone believed in you and helped you reach your potential. Have you done this for someone else and if so, what was it like for you? What does it mean to create an atmosphere of blessing with our words?

Prayer: Father, we come to you in Jesus’ Name by the power of the Holy Spirit, and we ask for help to intentionally choose our words so that they create an atmosphere of blessing in our homes, our work environments, nd our ministries. We love You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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