Not too long ago, I read a friend’s social media post that read something to the point of, “Starbucks has stopped carrying my favorite drink! My mornings are doomed! #FWP.” Since I’m not one who is up to date on hashtags (gasp!), I had to take a moment to look up what #FWP meant. I am happy to report with my fellow social media slackers that it means “First World Problem!”

As my husband and I strive to ensure our children show gratitude for the many things and opportunities they have, I can’t help but stop and think about how we as adults can lose sight of that as well. Perhaps you know someone who seems to always have the most fashionable clothing and her home looks like you stepped into a Pottery Barn magazine. Do you find that you begin to desire what she has? Do you begin to question yourself and your worth? You think, “Well maybe if I could make more money, then I could buy that designer handbag that she has.” Here’s a hint…that’s a #FWP. Before you realize it, you find that you are unhappy in your current job position and you feel that you are worth more than you’re being compensated. You’re looking into other positions and companies that will provide that extra financial boost regardless of the sacrifice of time you might be asked to make.

I am absolutely certain that some of you are thinking, “This isn’t me at all!” Great! But take a few minutes to examine yourself. What area of life are you perhaps a tad ungrateful for? Could it be the distant family members you are about to share Thanksgiving dinner with? Maybe your dear, sweet children are driving you absolutely bonkers lately! Or, the worst….you JUST purchased a new phone only to find that the company released a new version of it and you can no longer return your current phone for the upgrade! How dare they!!!

These are things we find ourselves grumbling about all too easily. Ladies, please allow me the opportunity to help offer a little perspective that I have needed as well. That family you only see once a year will slowly dwindle away in time. While it may have been easy for you and your spouse to conceive, there are others desperately desiring to hold a child of their own. The one thing we cannot ever get back is time. Use it wisely and be certain your family members know what you appreciate about them. Stressful holiday planning and messy homes will come and go, but memories will pass from generation to generation. I joke about the phone, but let’s be honest, that second to newest version smart phone works just as well as the new one! You won’t die simply because your phone is no longer the newest technology craze! #FWP! I probably just saved you a few bucks too! You’re welcome.

Friends, when you find yourself grumbling and in an ungrateful state of mind, I beg you to think of one word: perspective. Simply change your perspective. Take that negative and poisonous thought and turn it into one that will help you remain grateful and spread joy in our ever growing #FWP world!

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Brittany Keller

Born in Mississippi with a southern accent she’ll never lose, Brittany finds great joy and purpose in ministering to women and helping them realize what has been keeping them from living the life God has chosen for them. She believes seeing this miraculous transformation in the lives and hearts of women is a reward like none other!

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