Dear New Mom,

First of all, Congratulations on becoming a Mom, Mommy, Mama, mother, or Mum!

How wonderful! You have entered into a whole new chapter of your life, filled with some of the best moments of your life. If there are three things I could share with you that I wish I had known it would be:

1. Don’t wish these years away. Now that you have children, time will start to go by so quickly. So, enjoy each phase of your child’s development. If I could have three days back, I would have a day with each of my babies, sitting in their nurseries nursing them. Those were some of my sweetest memories with each of my babies. The older they get, the harder it is for me to remember what they were like as babies.

2. This is really hard. One thing that shocks most new Moms, is how tired and emotionally draining it can feel. Understand that up until this point your body has never been pushed to such limits. From childbirth, inconsistent sleep for months, hormones are in roller-coaster mode, and you’ve never done any of this before. With my first baby, it was overwhelming. Joseph was a high need baby and cried around the clock. Being drained physically and emotionally was an understatement. A wise mother of 4 pulled me aside and she said, “Look, nobody tells you how hard this time in your life can be but it is. It will get better even though the first few months can be very dark.” Her words meant so much because thinking there was something wrong with me or my baby was weighing on me. She normalized everything with just a few words. Her words somehow gave me permission to admit that I was a mess. BUT it did get better and to you, new Mom, it will get better! You will figure it out and you will get more confident.

3. Raising your child is the most important work you will ever do. Please, please, please never undervalue or underestimate the value of motherhood. YOU ARE THE MOST IMPORTANT INFLUENCE IN YOUR CHILD’S LIFE and your internal atmosphere will leak into the atmosphere of your home. So make sure you are staying emotionally and spiritually healthy. Love them enough to parent for the future and not for a momentary convenience. Your children are your legacy. I have accomplished many things in my life: I’m a therapist, a pastor, an author and writer, and yet, when I look at my three adult children, they are my greatest joys and accomplishments.

Bless you, new Mom!

Generation Eve
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