I have a confession to make at the outset of the New Year. I have this crazy preoccupation with grocery carts in parking lots. I might have an obsessive, compulsive, disease of needing to completely align the grocery carts in the grocery cart corral.

Here’s the monologue I run through in my mind just about every time I exit a grocery store to unload the groceries into my car and then return my grocery cart to the corral. “What in the world is the matter with folks that they randomly slam their carts into the cart corral?”  I mean we’ve got large carts shoved into small carts, which doesn’t work by the way…large carts in the smaller stall lane, along with all sorts of carts slung outside the corral. It’s about the most disorderly situation you can arrive upon, ever.  It makes no sense. I want to be inside the mind of these folks who do this. How do they arrive at the place where they feel sane upon departure? Personally, I feel all sorts of internal torment. What do you suspect I do to soothe my internal torment? If you know me personally, I’m betting you can guess. Of course, I begin to re-arrange the stinking carts! I look. I assess. I check to see if anyone is watching me obsess. I make my move. I own it and I get to the task of ordering the cockamamie grocery cart corral! Each time I do this (too numerous to count) I have this deep internal dialogue imagining that if just one person would make one right move, there would be no need for my re-arranging. One right move will set straight this entire grocery cart corral. Why can’t everyone see this? There would be no need for me to be out here, looking foolish and obsessive to create this sense of order. I mean honestly, on the right day, in the right weather conditions (think tornado like winds) carts can be skating unattended across the parking lot straight into my vehicle. We’ve all seen it happen. We are driving. We dodge the seeming possessed grocery cart and we literally watch it slam into someone else’s car while feeling thankful it wasn’t our own. We envision this maddened shopper as they come out of the store to this tragedy and we sense their agony – the agony experienced upon arriving at your newly dented and scraped vehicle. No recourse. No nothing. Just a new car expense.

As normal I was struck by the Holy Spirit last year when I was right in the midst of a grocery cart homicide. As I angrily began to think about if each person would simply make one right move to place their grocery cart appropriately in the corral, how none of this chaos would be happening, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Ginelle, I want you to make one right move a lot of times too. If you do that everything else will fall into place and you will avoid a lot of potentially-wreaked havoc.  My promise is that an order will occur in your next steps, season and even destiny that will be undeniable.  But sometimes, you just don’t make that one right move either, my child. So, take the time now. Line up the grocery carts of your life as they ought to go and watch your next season unfold ever so smoothly.” 

So dear friends I ask you simply, what is your one right move that will line up the grocery carts in the corrals of your life this New Year? May I suggest a few one right moves?

  • Put God in first place – in thought, in habit and in decision making.
  • Spend more time diving into God’s Word and in worship.
  • Determine which relationships in your life need more focus, and adjust.
  • Determine which relationships are not life-giving nor the best choices for your life and adjust.
  • Choose something you can let go of in your life that will allow more space in your life for the more important things, even if just for a season.
  • Begin to operate in order of importance and not in a state of urgency.
  • Create more space for your marriage.
  • Create more space for family time.

There are so many areas we can make one right move in, resulting in not feeling the hit of free-wheeling grocery carts smashing into our lives as the New Year unfolds. What’s your one right move? Make it and be expectant of a smash-free 2017!

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Photo Credit: Tim Mossholder

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Ginelle Payne

Next to knowing Jesus deeply, doing life with her husband and three children are her greatest joy. ​She loves leading worship at Lifesong, eating peppermint ice cream, and laughing with whomever will laugh with her (at their expense OR hers - it doesn't matter).

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