Brittany shared a blog a few days ago about our trip together to Cuba and what was on her heart.  You can read Brittany’s blog, “Fully Encompassing Selflessness” here:  

We learned about the true definition of Leadership and what life looks like through a pastor’s eyes there. In Cuba, Christianity and ministry are their life, not their lifestyle. Encouraged, inspired and humbled at the same time are just a few of the emotions I felt. It was my first Mission’s trip ever so I didn’t know exactly what to expect except that I knew before going that I would come home more changed than I would ever know. And, I was! The people I met are truly followers of Christ like the Bible talks about in the New Testament. Their churches are real-life examples of the way the disciples “did church”.

I share in this video about one lady who sacrifices her life, takes up her Cross, and follows Jesus every day. She is truly a leader, friend, and pastor to so many. It sank in even deeper when we visited one of the three “home churches” that she pastors. Yes, I said, “3”. They have so little but their sacrifice is so large. Brittany shares the impact it began having in her life as well as how compassion, materialism, and sacrifice have a whole new meaning for her. Take a minute to watch as we share our hearts about this trip by following this link: Matters Of The Heart In Cuba

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