Well, Ladies, I’m a little sad that today is the last book study. I hope you’ve found it valuable. I know time is precious and I wanted this study to be worthy of your time. Thank you for joining me. Before we get started today, please know how much I appreciate you and I pray God’s blessing on your lives, your leadership and I pray you continue to make an impact with the love and joy of Jesus Christ. I want to end this book study by talking about the joys of leading.

Today, I want us to celebrate those women who have believed in us, invested in us, and inspired us to lead. So, l want you to share stories of women who have done this for you. Tag them, give them a shout out, and let them know how much they are appreciated. I’ll start!

I want to give a shout-out to my sister, Mary Reed, who has faithfully cheered me on in every season of my life – whether singing in plays as a child, to graduating from college, to getting married, parenthood, and up to this point, you have been a voice of encouragement, love, and support. Thank you. All my love!


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Julia Mateer

Laughing hard with friends, strong black tea, quiet moments with her husband, are some of Julia's favorite things. One of her greatest joys is having authentic conversations with women about relationships, parenting, and leadership.

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