Have you ever had to lay down a dream? Perhaps the dream of having a child, a certain career, a house, it could be a million things. Mine was for my husband and me to be in full-time ministry. This dream caused tension in our marriage. When I did lay it down, peace resonated in my soul and in our marriage. It became evident to me that I was focusing more on the dream of full-time ministry rather than on following Jesus Christ. Ministry was my idol. I knew I needed to lay down my dream of full-time ministry. At that time I didn’t know that His dream for us was infinitely greater than anything I could think or imagine. I just knew I was laying down a dream that was seemingly embedded into the very fiber of who I was. So, I prayed, and prayed, and prayed some more. I declared to the Lord that I was going to be the best wife and mother I knew how to be by supporting Mark’s thriving career in advertising, and raising our three children.

It was an incredible transformation that occurred in my heart. I experienced the peace that surpasses understanding. When I gave up my dream, my agenda, and plans, our marriage became more loving and less contentious. Mark felt less pressured to be and do something he didn’t feel called to.

I learned so many lessons from this season in our lives. First, holding a dream so tightly that it robs you of relationships and hinders your ability to love the Lord and trust Him with your life, is not a dream worth having. Secondly, a ministry is not the goal, Jesus is. Third, laying your dream down gives God the opportunity to fulfill His dream for your life, in His time. Finally, I learned that God will always do infinitely more than I can imagine. Years later, Mark went into full-time ministry and is now a pastor at Bayside Community Church.

Questions: Share your first dream. Share about a time in your life when God’s dream was different than your dream.

Prayer: Father, let us experience the depths of your love for us when we lay down a dream. Help us to intimately know that you are infinitely more and we can trust You with our dreams; with our lives. We love You. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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Julia Mateer

Laughing hard with friends, strong black tea, quiet moments with her husband, are some of Julia's favorite things. One of her greatest joys is having authentic conversations with women about relationships, parenting, and leadership.

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