During the Christmas season, we all have our favorite things that help get us into the holiday spirit. For me, it’s Hallmark Movies!  I know you ladies understand! I’ll spend hours watching predictable movie after predictable movie.  How many times have you seen a Hallmark movie where the main character is a terribly brutal corporate person who finally finds a heart once someone happens into his or her life? Or how about a family down on their luck that receives a Christmas miracle?  Nevertheless, I’m a big red-eyed puffy mess filled with complete joy when these movies come to an end. Why? Because I love a good redemption story. Don’t you?

When you really stop to think about it, isn’t that the overall purpose of Christmas? Jesus came to offer redemption to each of us. To exchange all of our sins for a life that is worth all the happy tears in the world! I began to examine those Hallmark movies a little closer and noticed a theme throughout. Those people who are filled with joy focused on others. They focused on giving rather than receiving.

So where am I going with all of this? I propose a challenge. Let’s take 2 weeks out of our holiday season to focus on giving to those in our communities. You can make this a family project, a challenge among friends, or even one you choose to do yourself.  Because I plan to do this with my children, I had them help in the planning. Below is a list of ideas that we plan to do during their Christmas holidays.  My hope is that, just as the characters in the movies, our family (and yours) will experience the overwhelming joy of giving!

  • Send someone a written “thank you” card.
  • Make a special happy for the mail person.
  • Take pet supplies to a local animal rescue.
  • Donate blankets and coats to a local homeless shelter.
  • Pay for someone’s food or drink order.
  • Give flowers to random people.
  • Send Christmas cards to soldiers
  • Give canned food to a local food bank.
  • Have a meal with a homeless person.
  • Make a homemade present for a friend.
  • Pray with someone.
  • Give a present to your pastor.
  • Have a lemonade stand (we live in FL-It’s still hot!) and donate the money to a charity.
  • Give a mom and dad a date night—babysit for free.

I would love to hear your ideas and stories!  If you’ve done something similar, tell us about it! If you decide to do this challenge along with my family and me, comment below and tell us how it goes! Share those “happy tear” moments with us!

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Brittany Keller

Born in Mississippi with a southern accent she’ll never lose, Brittany finds great joy and purpose in ministering to women and helping them realize what has been keeping them from living the life God has chosen for them. She believes seeing this miraculous transformation in the lives and hearts of women is a reward like none other!

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