When I first became a mother, I placed my everything into being a mother.  It was my life’s goal to love my child best. To be all she ever needed.  Though I was well intentioned, I was so very wrong.

I remember telling my husband on more than one occasion that if something ever happened to her, there would be no doubt I’d be suicidal. I had no desire to live life without my child.  He would respond with so much hurt within his words, “But what about me? I couldn’t live without you.”

When my daughter was in preschool, the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting occurred. Her preschool took several precautions yet I still worried.  I can recall shortly after a bomb threat near her school.  The school went into lockdown mode and there was absolutely no way for me to get to my child. It was my job to protect her and I felt as if I failed.

Kindergarten came much too soon. Day in and day out, I would worry. There would be times that I would be riddled with anxiety and it took all I had to make it through the day. This scenario constantly replayed within my mind: Though the school entrance is locked, the office is not. How easy would it be for some “crazy” to walk into the office, take out the staff, and continue through to the next set of unsuspecting victims: kindergarteners? Possibly MY kindergartener! This was such an unhealthy thought I was harboring and though I “knew” God was with my daughter, I couldn’t accept the fact that He would protect her.

I shared this fear with a group of mothers who (thankfully) had many years of parenting under their belts. As we sat and talked, one mother spoke the very words I needed to hear. “Imagine how much more God loves your child than you do.” That completely resonated with me and offered a comfort I had not yet felt as a mother. She once had to walk through what I was currently experiencing and gave me a firm plan of action that I began to live by and still live by today.

  • Begin your day with prayer. Release your child to God and ask Him to surround her. To protect her. Imagine Him standing right beside her in every moment.
  • There will be days where you’ll find yourself praying almost all day. That’s ok. Keep going back to God.
  • Eventually, that fear WILL begin to lessen.
  • I also found scripture that would remind me of His love for her and His promises. I have my favorites. What are yours?

Once I was able to give her to God, I finally knew what it meant to experience God’s perfect peace.

“And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ

Jesus.”  ~ Philippians 4:7


What are your favorite scriptures that you pray over your child(ren)?

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Brittany Keller

Born in Mississippi with a southern accent she’ll never lose, Brittany finds great joy and purpose in ministering to women and helping them realize what has been keeping them from living the life God has chosen for them. She believes seeing this miraculous transformation in the lives and hearts of women is a reward like none other!

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