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Mary was championing her Son, Jesus, from the moment He was conceived. In Luke 1:47-55, The Magnificat, also called, Mary’s Song of Praise, is written. Many say that the writer, Luke, placed these verses in his account of Mary because it provided such insight to what Mary felt about her baby’s future mission. Think on that a moment… the moment you conceived your child, did you not begin to wonder what his/her life would hold and how it would unfold? Mary was just like you and me.

In the Magnificat, Mary magnifies the greatness of her God. He notices her, merely a Jewish peasant woman, and yet finds her worthy. She blessed God that He would choose her above all other women, from the point of obscurity to that of renown, for countless generations. Mary quickly understands her role in this world and rejoices about it. Simultaneously (because Jesus is God in the flesh), she is speaking into and about the life of her Son Jesus right while He is in her womb.

“His arm has done tremendous things.”

“He has filled the hungry with good things.” 

“He has exalted the humble.”

These things had happened already, through God in the days prior to Mary, and yet, they are a forecast of what is to come through her Son, Jesus. Undoubtedly, Mary is speaking out Jesus’ destiny. She hasn’t seen these things happen through Jesus, yet. She is speaking them into His future. She is championing her Son, Jesus.

Don’t we do that when we conceive? We talk to our children in our womb, almost instantly. What do we speak? I’m sure it’s not evil things. We are telling them how special they ARE and how great they will BE. We are championing our children from the moment of their conception.

No doubt, Mary was a major player in Jesus becoming Who He was. We know the Holy Spirit shaped Jesus’ consciousness of His Father’s mission while on earth, but Mary championed her Son, reminding Him and telling Him just who her Father said He would be, in the womb…and I guarantee out of the womb as well.

Have you ever done that as a mom?  Speak over your kids who they are and ought to be...until eventually they are actually living it. Click To Tweet I would submit to you this can happen with the positive and the negative. Let us watch what we speak over our children.

Mary had high intentions for her boy.

I have high intentions for my children.

You have high intentions for your child(ren).

Start telling your kids who they are in Christ, and who they will become in Christ. And let me add…even if they aren’t seemingly responding, keep on championing them anyway. God has a destiny for them and you are a key player in that, just simply by being their momma who champions them all throughout their life!

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Ginelle Payne

Next to knowing Jesus deeply, doing life with her husband and three children are her greatest joy. ​She loves leading worship at Lifesong, eating peppermint ice cream, and laughing with whomever will laugh with her (at their expense OR hers - it doesn't matter).

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