This week my baby begins her final year of high school. Happiness and sadness rolled in one blob of emotions and thoughts! I find myself wanting to hold her more, kiss her sweet cheeks more, tuck her in and take her for tea as much as she will let me.

I also find myself watching her as she watches TV or does her homework, as if watching her will slow everything down. I LOVE being a mom…not just being a mom…but being Joseph, Phillip  and Caroline’s mom. While they are growing up and moving on, which I want for them, I would love to have them little again so I could sweep them up, smother them in kisses and squeeze them in my arms.

So, a conglomerate of emotions runs deep in my soul. I’m happy for her that she is embarking on an amazing chapter in her life and sadness because our family life will change. It seems like when there is a major shift in our family life, I clean, organize and get rid of stuff.

As I was cleaning off the front of our fridge, ridding it of old papers and chipped magnets, I found a food stained list called, The 21 Rules of this House. This list has hung on our fridge since the kids were little. I want to share it with you mamas out there that might find this helpful. I’m not sure who wrote the list…I didn’t…but it sure helped us in raising our three precious gifts from the Lord:

1. We obey the Lord Jesus Christ.

2. We love and honor and pray for one another.

3. We tell the truth.

4. We consider one another’s interests ahead of our own.

5. We speak quietly and respectfully to one another.

6. We do not hurt one another with unkind words or deeds.

7. When someone needs correction we correct them in love.

8. When someone is sorry we forgive them.

9. When someone is sad we comfort them.

10. When someone is happy we rejoice with them.

11. When we have something nice to share, we share it.

12. When we have work to do we do it without complaining.

13. We take good care of everything God has given us.

14. We do not create unnecessary work for others.

15. When we open something we close it.

16. When we turn something on we turn it off.

17. When we take something out we put it away.

18. When we make a mess we clean it up.

19. When we go out we act just as if we were in this house.

20. When we do not know what to do we ask.

21. When we disobey or forget any of these 21 rules of this house we accept the discipline and instruction of the           Lord.  (Author Unknown)

Share this with other mamas! No higher calling than that of mom!

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