kim_kaylaI’m a mom of three and I’m that “mom” when it comes to my kids that you don’t dare ask me about them that I don’t immediately jump into how wonderful they are and all about what they are doing in life. Yes, I’m their greatest cheerleader and along with that comes “bragging rights”. So in this blog, I’m going to do some bragging on my oldest, Kayla. And, encourage you to be your kids biggest and loudest cheerleader as well.

All of my kids are crazy creative but in completely different ways. For Kayla, she loved posing for pictures, creating ballets costumes and ballets, costumes for her American girl dolls, her pets, her friends and siblings. I remember turning off cable t.v. when she was younger and all of this creativity just burst out of her. I looked out in the front yard to see what the kids were doing one day and she had all three of them dressed up like Sherlock Holmes investigating their way from the front yard to the backyard. That was “my Kayla”.

Her dad and I loved celebrating all of our kid’s different ways of expressing themselves and as a parent, remember you maybe raising anyone from an Edison to a Spielberg. It’s so important to celebrate your children’s gifts. At 16 Kayla was given a camera by some dear friends of ours and from there she took off on her journey in telling stories through her pictures. Her photos were amazing! She began gathering different dresses, costumes, etc. and would ask her friends if she could put on their makeup and photograph them. I remember one time she borrowed an antique desk chair of mine and took it to the train tracks down the road to take pictures of her friend Savannah.

As the years passed on, she went to college but still continued to work her magic on pictures. After graduating while looking for employment, she turned her bathroom into her studio. She draped a white or black sheet over the shower curtain, and began creating creatures through her makeup. Since she was on a shoestring budget, she used whatever we had around the house for her pictures: like old makeup, etc. and in all of her work there seemed to be a story behind the art. She began posting all of this on social media. She would stay up all night videoing and editing and sleep during the morning hours while sending out resumes and going on job interviews in the afternoons.

As a parent, it would be easy to wonder what in the world and how in the world could this ever amount to a career. In fact, I’m not going to lie, a couple of jobs that fell through really disappointed me and her but we knew there was something more for her. All this talent couldn’t be set aside for her to work in the corporate world which to most would be the most logical. Parents, sometimes we have to blindly believe in our kids and the direction the Lord maybe taking them even if illogical. It didn’t make sense but we kept praying hard if you know what I mean and cheering her on until one day someone took notice of her work through my facebook feed. Someone who saw her talent and believed she had something special.

She has now partnered with Kayla. Kayla is on the journey of her lifetime telling stories through makeup and photography. Parents, when our kids don’t make sense please remember not to sow words of rejection or disappointment in your kids most vulnerable moments. Instead, sow words of encouragement and pray lots of prayers because remember you can be their biggest cheerleader!

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Kim Anderson

Freedom Weekend Director/Pastor at Bayside Community Church
Bargain shopping with friends, sipping tea and having fun with family are just a few things Kim enjoys. Her deeply felt passion is to empower and encourage women to live life to their potential.

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