Begin Again: Picking Up Where You Left Off

Have you ever found yourself missing something?  Perhaps life got a little busy or you became discouraged and you walked away from something that brought you great joy. You know, though I don’t love New Year’s resolutions, I do love the idea behind them. To evaluate yourself, your family, your life and strive for a better you!

This past year, my family began walking through somewhat of a transitional season.  At times, I would find myself so drained that I wanted nothing more than to come home and crawl into bed and snuggle up with my family. At one point of the year, I had a “New Year’s resolution moment” and evaluated myself during this new season of life. I realized that I had walked away from two very important things that offer my soul rest-running and writing. There were a few reasons as to why I turned away, but the most pressing were because I told myself I couldn’t afford to spare the extra time.  To be completely honest, I have since realized that I can’t afford NOT to.

You see, running is a form of stress relief for me and it allows me to process things that have occurred throughout the day (You know, so I don’t lose it on my husband and children—being honest). This is a time that I can plug in my worship music and simply turn to God.  It teaches me to rely more on him rather than my own efforts.

Writing, or journaling, goes hand in hand with running for me. I am able to take those thoughts and write them all down.  Put my goals, hopes and dreams down on paper.  Even “speak out” my worries and struggles in a safe environment. I like to think of it as love letters between God and me.  I pour out the deepest part of me (though he already knows) and He showers me with his promises and unconditional love by revealing scripture specific to what I need in that moment.

Without the presence of these two activities, I think I found myself simply walking through the motions of my daily responsibilities.  Not that I was unhappy or absent from life around me, I simply wasn’t the best version of me I knew how to be.  It’s difficult to explain, but I believe that many of you have been there and understand.

January is a month of fresh beginnings.   Though there are certainly new habits that will better your daily life, I want to encourage you to take a look at your past.  Is there anything your mind, body, and soul might be desperately missing?  Is there a friendship that you have let go to the wayside or some type of activity that would allow you to unplug and be filled again?  Perhaps you should think about picking up where you left off and beginning again! Could it be that the “better you” you are searching for is some aspect of the “you” you once were?

Every day is a new beginning. Take a deep breath and begin again.” –Author Unknown

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Brittany Keller

Born in Mississippi with a southern accent she’ll never lose, Brittany finds great joy and purpose in ministering to women and helping them realize what has been keeping them from living the life God has chosen for them. She believes seeing this miraculous transformation in the lives and hearts of women is a reward like none other!

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