John 10:4 ESV
“…the sheep follow [the shepherd] for they know his voice.”

It can be difficult for most of us to truly get away from the noise that’s all around. From the alarm clock at the start of the day, the music we play when getting ready. The constant bombarding of texts and emails and notifications, and the thoughts of all that happened during the day that keeps us from falling to sleep. There are so many voices coming at us that it can be difficult to decipher one from the other. Especially when trying to determine which one is God’s. In every moment, we need to be able to hear what God is saying to us and how he is leading and directing us on our journeys with Him. One day I felt like God spoke to my heart in a fun way that helped me understand how to hear His voice above the noise.

Job 33:14 NLT
“For God speaks again and again, though people do not recognize it.”

I remember the time I first asked a friend of mine who plays the bass guitar to help me hear the bass in a song. For him, it was an easy sound to pick out because he had become familiar since he played often. I didn’t know the sound very well, and it was extremely difficult to hear it in the middle of all the other instruments playing. There were drums beating, electric guitars blaring, and keys going the entire time. I knew the bass was in there, I just had not developed the ear for hearing it. In that frustrating moment, I personally committed to listening to several songs with bass solos and asking my friend to point out the bass so that I could become familiar with it. After a while, the sounds of the bass began to stand out more to me until I began to pick it up on my own in any song I would hear. Now, I can pick the bass line out within seconds.

John 8:47 NKJV
“He who is of God hears God’s Words…”

Some of the nonmusical people (that includes me) might think this a bit of a stretch. I just felt like God revealed the concept of hearing Him speak align so well with this simple thing. It didn’t happen overnight, there were times when I had to diligently close my eyes and tune my ears to the bass that was playing in a song. I genuinely believe we have to do the same thing to recognize God’s voice in the middle of all the other noise. Just like I had someone to help me decipher the bass in a song. Sometimes we need someone more experienced to help us pick up on God’s voice in the noise. As I had to close my eyes and tune my ear to that bass line. We have to lean into His Word by reading and studying it. When the voices from other people, ourselves, and the enemy start blaring, you’ll be able to pick His voice out without hesitation. Will it happen overnight? No, but it will happen!

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Bria Gilmore

Bria is madly in love with her Heavenly Father and has a genuine desire to see people, especially women, experience relationship with Him. She currently serve as an Administrator on staff at her local church in Wesley Chapel, FL. While she enjoys using her gift of administration, Bria’s greatest joy is the opportunity to do life with friends by leading and participating in small groups. She was born and raised in Birmingham, AL and lived in Washington, DC while studying Finance in college. Bria loves to dance and visit new places, but she’s just as content at home curled up with a good book. Fun fact about Bria is that she has an identical twin. Social Media Handles Facebook: Bria Gilmore Twitter & Instagram: @bria_m_gilmore

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