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Finding Freedom During the Holidays

Oh, the holidays Many times, I like to pretend that all the families that gather together for Thanksgiving and Christmas are perfect. I convince myself that everyone sitting around the table is smiling real smiles, giving gifts out of pure generosity, and attending...

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Adored Book Review

If you’re a parent of a teenage daughter, then this is the Christmas gift you want under your tree this season. Beautifully written by Lindsay Franklin, Adored: 365 Devotions for Young Women, affirms the truths of Scripture that your daughter is a precious daughter of...

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The Shadow Book Review

Kimberly Rae, Amazon bestselling author, has skillfully written the suspense thriller, The Shadow, the first book in the series, Rahab’s Rope. Through fictional story-telling, Kimberly highlights the horrific realities of human trafficking in India. Relevant and...

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How To Cherish Your Husband

Cherish…I love this word. I cherish my great grandmother’s quilts that hang lovingly in our home. I cherish my daughter’s dedication gown that’s made out of my wedding dress. I cherish these items. But, to me the word, cherish, means so much more than an emotional...

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Cherish The Seasons

This past week I had the pleasure of being a "temporary mom" of two. First, I must take my hat off to every mom out there. Anyone who does what I had to do ALL THE TIME deserves way more than an “attaboy”. I just never realized how much one small human being can take...

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